Molecular based Test (RT PCR/TruNat/CBNAAT)

SNo Date Information Download
1 10/01/2022 Advisory on Purposive Testing Strategy for COVID-19 in India (Version VII, dated 10th January, 2022)
2 04/09/2020 Advisory on Strategy for COVID-19 Testing in India (Version 6)
3 04/09/2020 भारत में COVID-19 की जाांच करने की रणनीति पर सलाह (एडवाइजरी) (सांस्करण VI, दिनांक 4 सितंबर 2020)
4 01/07/2020 Letter to Chief Secretary/ Administrator/ Advisor to Governor/ Advisor to Lt. Governor for Empowering citizens for testing of SARS-CoV-2 virus to save precious lives and contain the virus
5 23/06/2020 Newer Additional Strategies for COVID-19 Testing
6 18/05/2020 Revised Strategy for COVID19 testing in India (Version 5)
7 13/04/2020 Advisory on feasibility of using pooled samples for molecular testing of COVID-19
8 09/04/2020 Revised Strategy for COVID19 testing in India (Version 4)
9 20/03/2020 Revised Strategy of COVID19 testing in India (Version 3)
10 17/03/2020 Advisory Strategy of COVID 19 testing in India (Version 2)

Rapid Antigen Detection Test

SNo Date Information Download
1 14/06/2020 Advisory on Use of Rapid Antigen Detection Test for COVID-19

Antibody Rapid Test

SNo Date Information Download
1 27/04/2020 Revised Advisory to state on Rapid Antibody Blood Test
2 22/04/2020 Letter to Chief Secretary regarding COVID-19 testing
3 17/04/2020 Protocol for using 'Rapid antibody test' in Hot area - epidemiological studies and surveillance for the State/UT
4 04/04/2020 Advisory to start rapid antibody based blood test for COVID-19

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