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1 India achieves the milestone of 10 crores COVID-19 Sample Testing 22/10/2020
2 Interim Results from Solidarity Trial, led by ICMR and WHO, Answers Critical Questions about COVID-19 Therapeutics 16/10/2020
3 ICMR organizes webinar on “Gandhi’s Perspective in Relevance to Health Crisis” 02/10/2020
4 Health Minister Releases Revised Nutrient Requirements and Report on India's Dietary Patterns 28/09/2020
5 Dr Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister for Health & Family Welfare Unveils ICMR History Timeline at New Delhi, Headquarters 28/09/2020
6 ICMR's Mobile Stroke Care Unit for North East Region inaugurated 28/09/2020
7 Dedicated Vaccine Portal and National Clinical Registry of COVID-19 launched 28/09/2020
8 India crosses 6 crores Covid-19 sample testing : Last 2 crores sample testing was achieved in only 20 days; Number of Covid-19 testing laboratories stands at 1751 17/09/2020
9 ICMR launches free ICMR – NvCCP Online Prescribing Skills Course 2020 for Indian Medical Graduates (IMG) 17/09/2020
10 India crosses 5 crores sample testing : Last one crores sample testing was achieved in only 10 days; Number of Covid-19 testing laboratories stands at 1668 08/09/2020
11 In the fight against COVID-19, India scales a new peak in daily testing, achieves record 10 lakhs test per day 22/08/2020
12 Leading global scientists and vaccine experts call for more innovation in efforts to control COVID-19 30/07/2020
13 ICMR process to develop vaccine to fight Covid 19 pandemic as per globally accepted norms of fast tracking
Safety and interest of people of India the topmost priority
14 World Health Organization endores Truenat tests for initial diagnosis of tuberculosis and detection of Rifampicin Resistance 02/07/2020
15 ICMR advises States to conduct sero-survey to measure Coronavirus exposure in the population using IgG ELISA Test 30/05/2020
16 ICMR validates completely indigenous diagnostic platform for COVID-19 diagnosis 21/05/2020
17 How India ramped up COVID-19 testing capacity 20/05/2020
18 ICMR-NIV Pune develops and validates the indigenous IgG ELISA test "COVID KAVACH ELISA" for antibody detection for COVID-19 14/05/2020
19 ICMR is partnering in WHO Global Solidarity Trial for Treatment of COVID-19: Being rolled out on fast-track 13/05/2020
20 National community based sero-survey for COVID-19 12/05/2020
21 District level Facility based surveillance for COVID-19 12/05/2020
22 First comprehensive estimates of district-level trends of child mortality and child growth failure in India from 2000 to 2017 & key findings from GBD India CM and CGF papers 12/05/2020
23 Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) partners with Bharat Biotech International Limited (BBIL) for developing indigenous COVID-19 vaccine 09/05/2020
24 ICMR scales up its capacity to fight COVID-19 06/04/2020
25 Fast Track Approval for Indian COVID-19 testing kits for commercial use 23/03/2020
26 ICMR Initiated sentinel Surveillance to detect community transmission of COVID-19 19/03/2020
27 ICMR enables more laboratories to test for COVID-19 and revises the criteria for testing 17/03/2020
28 India is the 5th Country Globally to isolate the COVID-19 Virus Strain 13/03/2020
29 Suspected COVID-19 patient in West Bengal found negative 09/03/2020
30 COVID-19 Laboratory Preparedness in India 06/03/2020


Release Date
1 e-Samvaad : ICMR scripting history in combating Covid-19 pandemic in India (English) August, 2020
2 ई-संवाद : कोविद -19 महामारी का मुकाबला करने मे आईसीएमआर रच राहा है इतिहास (हिन्दी) August, 2020
3 e-Samvaad : ICMR breaks the global perception in war against COVID-19 (English) July, 2020
4 ई-संवाद : आईसीएमआर के सार्थक प्रयास से बदली वैश्विक धरना (हिन्दी) July, 2020
5 e-Samvaad : Indian Council of Medical Research (English) June, 2020
6 ई-संवाद : भारतीय आयुर्विज्ञान अनुसंधान परिषद (हिन्दी) June, 2020


Release Date
1 IN CONVERSATION "Handwashing, physical disctancing and use of mask in public and workplaces will help us to overcome this difficult time" - Prof. (Dr) Balram Bhargava, DG, ICMR 24/06/2020*
2 साक्षात्कार "वैक्सीन न बन जाये जब तक, जरूरी सावधानियां बरते तब तक!" - प्रो (डॉ) बलराम भार्गव, महानिदेशक, आईसीएमआर 24/06/2020*
3 MAKING RESEARCH ATMANIRBHAR - We need an enabling ecosystem for development of vaccines, studies on new diseases 04/06/2020
4 Plasma therapy is no silver bullet - To recommend it without undertaking a robust scientific study may cause more harm than good 01/05/2020
5 Prepared for the coronavirus - India has responded in many ways to contain the epidemic 11/02/2020


Release Date
1 COVID-19 Lab at National AIDS Research Institute (NARI), Pune
2 Launch of High throughput COVID-19 Testing Facilities at ICMR's National Institutes at Mumbai, Kolkata and Noida on 27th July 2020 by Hon'ble Prome Minister
3 Data entry for Antigen based testing
4 COVID-19 Testing and Biosafety Practices developed by ICMR - National Institute of Virology, Pune
5 ICMR-Regional Medical Research Centre, Gorakhpur COVID-19 Lab work
6 ICMR-National Institute of Research In Tribal Health, Jabalpur COVID-19 Testing Lab
7 ICMR-NIRRH, Mumbai Central Depot for COVID-19 Reagents
8 ICMR-NIRRH, Mumbai COVID-19 Testing and Reporting
9 NIB, Noida and ICMR, New Delhi jointly setup a Lab for COVID-19 testing
10 ICMR-NIOH, Ahmedabad COVID-19 Testing Lab
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